Vodafone Czech Republic implements WeDo Technologies’ Software


WeDo Technologies, a revenue and business assurance
solutions provider, announced that Vodafone Czech Republic has implemented the
Rating Validation Module of WeDo’s Business Assurance Software Solution.


The implementation of the software module has enabled
Vodafone Czech Republic to ensure that, initially, prepaid call charges are
calculated in the right way across all relevant systems, minimizing the
resources required and increasing efficiency in the investigation of


This assures both revenue and customer satisfaction
levels, reducing the number of potential complaints due to incorrect charges.


As part of the implementation, WeDo Technologies supplied the software,
integrating it with the operator’s existing hardware, software and databases,
and trained Vodafone Czech Republic’s team on how to run the system


This has enabled the CSP’s Revenue Assurance team to
adjust rate plans according to changing circumstances such as promotions and
top ups as well as allowing for new tariff launches, ensuring maximum


“WeDo’s rating validation solution has fully met our
expectations; quickly and easily integrating into our existing systems and
empowering our teams to ensure that we are servicing our prepaid customers
accurately and efficiently,” said Radek Matyáš, revenue assurance manager
at Vodafone Czech Republic.


“We are delighted that Vodafone Czech Republic has
been able to implement the Rating Validation Module of RAID so
successfully,” said Ana Miranda, Central and Eastern Europe business
development manager at WeDo Technologies.


“Having an independent system that allows CSPs to
audit prepaid tariffs is a vital component of revenue assurance and customer
satisfaction. The benefit of our module is that it can be used autonomously
according to new and changing rate plans, enhancing revenue assurance coverage
as well as enabling a more effective system to track inconsistencies,”
Miranda added.


Recently, Vodafone announced the launch
of its Silicon Valley integrated R&D Center, Vodafone Xone. Under the
Vodafone Xone program, Vodafone, with 382 million customers in more than 30
countries, will provide technical expertise, potential financial assistance,
logistical support and facilities to help promising US technology companies
gain a fast track into proof-of-concept trials across Vodafone’s global


By Telecomlead.com Team

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