Vodafone Idea deploys AI based Massive MIMO optimization technology

Vodafone Idea has deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Massive MIMO optimization technology in the mobile network.
Vodafone Idea mobile networkChina-based Huawei, the technology partner of Vodafone Idea, said AI enabled Massive MIMO enables Vodafone Idea to add automation capabilities to its network in order to improve optimization efficiency, enhance cell capacity and improve user experience.

“Adding AI capabilities to India’s largest deployment of Massive MIMO for enhancing user experience is a further testament of our commitment to create a future-proof network for the digital era,” Vishant Vora, chief technology officer of Vodafone Idea, said.

Jay Chen, CEO of Huawei India, said the solution will enable Vodafone Idea to enhance their pre-5G Massive MIMO network.

Massive MIMO leverages 5G technologies in 4G network. The Massive MIMO AI solution uses random forest algorithm for modelling and prediction, collecting and analyzing data to optimize MIMO performance.

Vodafone Idea has been applying a number of 5G ready technologies like Massive MIMO and CloudAIR Dynamic Sharing of Spectrum in 4G network. Vodafone Idea network has India’s largest and world’s third largest Massive MIMO deployment.