Vodafone, Nokia conduct Cloud RAN trials

CRAN small market savingsTelecom operator Vodafone has conducted technology trials using cloud-based radio access (Cloud RAN) to optimize network performance to transition from 4G to 5G in future.

Nokia Cloud RAN platform enables telecom operators to use their radio assets efficiently to meet future connectivity needs.

A report in Current Analysis highlighted Nokia’s AirScale as the most significant new RAN solution introduced at Mobile World Congress 2016. Current Analysis says Nokia, with its AirScale solution, is a leader in Cloud RAN.
Mobile data trendsNokia AirScale Cloud RAN platform running on AirFrame NFV infrastructure and splitting baseband processing functionality between real-time and non real-time functions will assist telecoms to perform time-critical functions closer to end users at the edge of the network.

Serving a wider area with Ethernet-based fronthaul providing connectivity to virtualized functions is yet another benefit from Cloud RAN.

The centralization of non-time-critical functions and virtualization of NFV infrastructure platform located at the edge of the radio access network offer a better view across the network — allowing the scaling of radio capacity.

The trial took place at Vodafone’s testing facility in Italy.

The trial evaluated the performance of centralized 5G-ready architecture and measured peak data rates as well as download and upload speeds on networks — containing high power macro cellular base stations.

Nokia Cloud RAN achieved Vodafone’s key performance criteria for throughput, capacity and resiliency.

The trial shows that Cloud-based RAN architecture can provide the same level of quality service provided by conventional LTE network.

“Working with Nokia on this trial we have seen how the application of Cloud RAN architecture can help the network react to changing demands quickly. It speeds up the delivery of services and will help with the transition to 5G,” said Santiago Tenorio, head of Networks, Vodafone Group.

Both charts are not part of the press release shared by Nokia

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