Vodafone Turkey trials IP architecture

Nokia has completed a trial with Vodafone Turkey, linking Asia and Europe with the first intercontinental 1T (terabit) clear-channel IP interface.
Vodafone 5G Italy
The network capacity milestone is part of a modernization effort to future-proof Vodafone Turkey’s IP architecture.

Vodafone Turkey uses Nokia’s 7950 XRS routers with terabit interfaces powered by Nokia’s FP4 chipset to scale up the capacity of its IP network in support of applications and access technologies.

Thibaud Rerolle, CTO, at Vodafone Turkey, said Nokia’s FP4 terabit linecard offers two 1T ports and demonstrated deployment readiness by carrying test traffic on Vodafone Turkey’s network.

Besides a 10x boost in capacity, terabit IP links simplify operational complexity and cost overhead by avoiding the need to distribute terabit flows on high capacity routes over multiple lower rate interfaces in link aggregation groups.

Vodafone Turkey has deployed Nokia’s 7250 IXR interconnect router and FP4-ased 7750 Service Router for the delivery of 5G services to Vodafone Turkey’s customers. Nokia’s platforms support the features and protocols that will enable SDN control automation and optimization of applications and use cases, says Vach Kompella, Head of IP Networks Division, Nokia.