WebNMS, Veryx in pact to deliver Carrier Ethernet solution

WebNMS and Veryx Technologies have partnered to deliver automated Carrier Ethernet (CE) service orchestration solutions.

Catch the live action at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015)

This partnership will allow telecom service providers to automate and unify their network operations and offer dynamic networking services. WebNMS is demonstrating the Symphony Orchestration Platform in Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC 2015) in Barcelona.

As telecommunication service providers operate large networks built on equipment from multiple OEMs, they need solution that are independent from any individual device vendor to provide them operational flexibility and control their own success.

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has facilitated this multi vendor model with their open CE 2.0 specifications. The third Network vision of the MEF builds upon specifications to define Lifecycle Service Orchestration- a set of best practices and specifications for building automated service management systems to lower operating costs and make service offerings more dynamic.

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Recently launched Symphony Orchestration Platform is a unified software suite for automation of service provider network operations.  Symphony enables carriers and other service providers to efficiently transform existing static service offerings into dynamic services and introduce new SDN and NFV based services as they mature.

The Symphony Orchestration Platform unifies orchestration of CE, MPLS, SDN and NFV services on multi vendor networks. Based on field-proven, carrier scale network management technology, Symphony unifies and automates every aspect of service management, including inventory, provisioning, activation and assurance.

Veryx SAMTEST is designed to help service providers in all stages of CE 2.0 service assurance, including service activation testing, monitoring and troubleshooting.

The SAMTEST service assurance solution provide comprehensive, real time service visibility using distributed test probes managed by a central controller engine that orchestrates test probe operation and third party Ethernet demarcation.

Service providers offering high quality services for mission critical applications leverage SAMTEST SLA measurement that delivers nanosecond accuracy and continuous performance monitoring at sub millisecond intervals to ensure SLA compliance with the utmost precision.

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