Webtech Wireless unveils WT5110 Locator


Wireless, a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services (LBS) and
telematics technology, announced the release of next generation locator the


WT5110 is our new mid-tier locator solution, building upon and continuing the
success of the WT5000 – our most successful, and widely deployed device, with
over 200,000 units shipped,” said Scott Edmonds, president and CEO,
Webtech Wireless.


leadership position in GPS based location technology combined with more than a
decade of communication expertise has enabled us to create a new locator
platform with numerous applications across many industries,” Edmonds


WT5110 is designed for either covert (under-dash) or on-dash installation with
options for visible and audible warning indicators. Having numerous engine and
vehicle installation options, the WT5110 enables small and medium vehicle fleet
operators to take advantage of our advanced Quadrant Manager platform.


WT5110 can also be used with the InterFleet and NextBus platforms. This
complete solution enables real-time reporting of driver and vehicle
information. Critical reports can be used by fleet managers to optimize their
fleet performance, manage fuel use, and improve the business experience for
their customers.


for the WT5110 include – Monitoring of multiple vehicle functions including
idling time, speeding, and fuel use by providing driver feedback which is used
to improve fleet fuel economy and save fuel costs.


for light commercial and service delivery customers using the WT5110 with our
Garmin job management solution which automates service delivery, Track and
trace capability which reduces risk by letting management know where their
vehicles are at all times.


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