What’s new in Ciena 5G network solutions for telcos?

Ciena CTO Steve AlexanderCiena says it has developed an innovative 5G Network Solutions to assist mobile operators to scale their 4G networks and prepare for 5G.

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Ciena will be displaying the latest 5G solutions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) and reveal how mobile operators can leverage intelligent automation and edge computing capabilities for 4G/5G network slicing.

Engineers, during the demo, will dynamically create multiple logical network slices to show how operators can support the delivery of separate cloud-based wireless IoT services for low-latency and non-latency sensitive traffic.

According to estimates, 5G is expected to offer 100x faster speeds, 100x more devices, 10x lower latency, and 1000x higher data volumes compared to 4G LTE. The new capabilities of 5G will enable the use of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), mobile broadband, augmented / virtual reality, IoT and many more applications.

“Ciena’s 5G Network Solutions can help operators minimize risk and achieve a faster return on investment by supporting both 4G and 5G services on a shared infrastructure and incorporating field-proven wireline technology,” said Monica Paolini, principal analyst, Senza Fili Consulting.

Ciena said its 5G Network Solutions will provide the scale and automation operators need to deliver better user experience.

Ciena’s 5G Network Solutions offer an open, scalable design that allows network operators to select best products that meet their 4G and 5G network performance expectations.

The solutions includes Ciena’s Converged Packet Optical (6500 and Waveserver) and Packet Networking (3900, 5100 and 8700 Packetwave) platforms – as well as new products and capabilities.

What’s new

Ciena is introducing a new deterministic packet capability that will support 4G/5G converged fronthaul / midhaul networks offering digital radio transport over standards-based Ethernet

New IP functionality that will provide the connectivity features required for IP-based network infrastructures.

The first 5G network solution from Ciena also features Programmable Network Slicing capabilities that will allow network operators to logically partition and virtualize network resources from Layer 0 to Layer 3.

Ciena’s 5G Network Solutions offers additional benefit of Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan and Multi-Domain Service Orchestration software that provides enhanced network orchestration, analytics, and end-to-end SDN-based network control.

“As the industry leader in coherent optical, edge packet platforms, automation, and multi-domain service orchestration, Ciena is uniquely positioned to support operators through every step of their multi-year journey to a common wireline infrastructure that supports 4G and beyond,” said Steve Alexander, chief technology officer of Ciena.