Zain Bahrain selects Ericsson HD voice solution

Telecom network vendor Ericsson today said it will supply its HD voice solution to Zain Bahrain to assist the mobile service provider to offer high quality voice services in the Kingdom.

Ericsson HD voice solution will enable Zain Bahrain customers to benefit from higher voice quality, more effective conference calls and better speech-to-text applications.

Ericsson is the sole supplier of Zain’s radio and core network for HD voice.

GMSA in its report in June 2014 said that there are currently 109 live commercial networks with HD voice over 2G, 3G and LTE networks in 73 countries. Over 300 different phone models support HD voice.

Ericsson, Zain Bahrain sign 4G LTE deal

The telecom operator will launch HD voice services over Zain’s existing Ericsson 3G radio and core network in Bahrain.

“Our customers demand high-quality services and with Ericsson’s HD voice solution we further differentiate our services within the Bahraini market,” said Mohammad Zainalabedin, general manager of Zain Bahrain.

Since telecom operator’s 70 percent mobile revenues come from voice calls, operators such as Zain will have the opportunity to differentiate by delivering high-definition voice capabilities that offer a superior experience to their consumers.

Ericsson HD voice is based on AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) wideband. It improves speech quality in mobile phone calls for GSM, WCDMA, CDMA and LTE networks.