Zhone assists SRT Communications with disaster relief communication network

Zhone Technologies announced its partnership with SRT
Communications (SRT) to use Zhone’s MXK multi-service access node (MSAN) during
and after the disaster relief in Minot, North Dakota, an event estimated to
cost more than one billion dollars.

Through carefully constructed plans and prompt reactions
in time of need, SRT and Zhone restored phone and Internet service to nearly 2,100 non-evacuated
customers who were served out of flooded service buildings.

Communications are critical in times of disaster, and
Zhone worked with SRT quickly and efficiently to coordinate a new MXK
deployment to restore service for the 3,000 Minot area customers affected,”
said Shawn Grosz, director of Network Technology, SRT Communications.

SRT has also begun the reconstruction of damaged
permanent structures, which will utilize the MXK offering for consistent
communication. SRT is grateful for Zhone’s quick response and exceptional
customer service in this time of need for our community,” Grosz added.

SRT offers regular updates on the progress of the relief
effort through their website: www.srt.com.
Customers can check in on restoration status and see visual proof of progress
through the provided updates and photos; the page is a testament to the ongoing
endeavor of communication service restoration.

In uncertain times of high stress, more information is
preferred, and SRT has worked hard with Zhone to ensure all parties involved
have the ability to communicate and stay up-to-date with the latest
developments. The company also provides a service area map of affected areas

SRT’s dedication to its customers in the Minot area
during the disaster sets a great example to the communications industry,” said
Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer, Zhone. Minot was hit hard by the event
and we will continue to support SRT in its endeavor to rebuild community 
and communication  through our MXK technology and consistent planning.”

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]