ZTE and AIS to Achieve Milestone in Millimeter-Wave Communication with Dynamic RIS Trial

In a pioneering move that could reshape the landscape of millimeter-wave communication, ZTE has joined forces with Thailand’s Advanced Info Service (AIS) to successfully conduct the world’s first dynamic Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) trial within an mmWave network. The trial took place at the AZ center in Bangkok, marking a significant advancement in the realm of 5G technology.
AIS store ThailandThe collaboration between ZTE and AIS holds the promise of revolutionizing millimeter-wave communication by introducing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for deploying millimeter-wave networks on a global scale. RIS, a cutting-edge multi-antenna technology utilizing electromagnetic metamaterials, stands as the cornerstone of this groundbreaking achievement. RIS empowers the expansion of base station coverage through intelligent reflection and transmission of base station signals, resulting in improved coverage while keeping costs and carbon emissions low.

A notable aspect of ZTE’s dynamic RIS technology is its dynamic functionality, which includes beam sweeping and user tracking. This innovation significantly enhances the coverage range of base stations, ensuring seamless connectivity for users even as they move within the coverage area. During the trial, ZTE seamlessly integrated dynamic RIS products into AIS’s millimeter-wave network, utilizing a 400MHz bandwidth. The outcomes were remarkable, with the trial resulting in a substantial amplification of millimeter-wave signal coverage.

In a notable achievement, users experienced consistent peak downlink rates surpassing 1.6Gbps and uplink peak rates exceeding 260Mbps while in motion within an office space spanning over 400 square meters. This performance was achieved even in obstructed conditions, highlighting the superiority of RIS technology. Millimeter-wave technology offers significant bandwidth and capacity advantages for 5G networks. However, it grapples with challenges related to long-distance transmission and penetrating obstacles. The collaboration between ZTE and AIS has effectively addressed these challenges, propelling the implementation of dynamic RIS technology in millimeter-wave networks.

The successful partnership between ZTE and AIS signifies a monumental stride forward in millimeter-wave communication. It not only signifies the commercialization of dynamic RIS technology but also lays the groundwork for transformative changes in the global communication industry. This leap forward holds profound implications for the development of future smart cities, industrial IoT applications, and various other domains that depend on robust and widespread network coverage.

Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operations and Support Business Unit at AIS, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our collaboration with ZTE has provided us with the opportunity to explore the application of RIS technology in mmWave communications, leading to groundbreaking achievements.”

As the world witnesses this pivotal achievement in millimeter-wave communication, it underscores the potential of collaboration between technology giants and telecommunications leaders in driving innovation and shaping the future of connectivity. The success of the dynamic RIS trial paves the way for a new era of enhanced network capabilities and seamless user experiences.