ZTE and China Telecom launch 5G maglev network test

ZTE and China Telecom have launched the world’s first 5G maglev (magnetic levitation) network test in Shanghai, China.
ZTE 5G innovations
The test measured communications within a train travelling at a speed of 500KM/h. During the test, the 5G commercial terminal was stable and easy to support mobile broadband services, demonstrating that the 5G network can provide high-speed maglev trains with ideal broadband communications.

Shanghai Maglev is the world’s first maglev line for commercial operation and at present it is also the fastest commercial high-speed train. The 5G network, built by China Telecom and ZTE together, uses ZTE 5G system equipment, enabling passengers to get high-speed data access on a journey and enjoy services like mobile working, video conferencing, HD/UHD video or interactive games.

ZTE and China Telecom use proprietary doppler frequency shift channel compensation technology in order to eliminate wireless channel deterioration caused by high-speed movement. The solution can support a moving speed of over 500 KM/h, meeting the speed requirements of various high-speed trains.

Besides, Multi-RRU (Remote Radio Unit) combination can realize single cell 6-12km belt shape coverage, reduce 90 percent of inter-cell handover and ensure continuous and stable access. Compared with the traditional 2T2R solution, ZTE is the first to introduce 8T8R RRU for high-speed railway coverage in the 5G industry.

The 5G network solution used for the Shanghai Maglev line can provide a set of network equipment for HSR (High Speed Rail) broadband communication. The radio units can support global mainstream 5G bands like N41 and N78.

ZTE has secured 35 commercial 5G contracts in major markets, such as Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA).