ZTE and Claro Ecuador Partner to Deploy Innovative Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Networks

ZTE Corporation has announced a collaboration with Claro Ecuador, a prominent player in Ecuador’s Fixed Broadband (FBB) market with 330,000 users.
ZTE @ MWC 2022Claro Ecuador is expanding the deployment of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks, utilizing ZTE’s Light Optical Distribution Network (ODN) solution. This marks a significant milestone as the first large-scale commercial use of ZTE’s Light ODN solution in the international market, indicating its maturity and readiness for commercial deployment.

The ZTE Light ODN solution boasts an array of advanced features, including splice-free connectivity, uneven optical splitting, and intelligent management. Construction personnel can seamlessly connect optical distribution boxes and optical cables using pre-connectorized connectors on-site, adhering to the design plan. This approach ensures splice-free construction from the backbone network to the Optical Distribution Network (ODN), enhancing deployment efficiency and cost savings. The solution is particularly well-suited for large-scale, rapid network deployment.

One of its distinctive features is the innovative uneven optical splitting design, which efficiently allocates optical power, enabling multiple boxes to connect to a single optical cable route. This optimizes resource utilization and, combined with the smart management platform, transforms “dumb” channels into “bright” resources, introducing visual and manageable optical link resources. This not only enhances resource accuracy but also reduces maintenance and preventive maintenance costs, ultimately improving troubleshooting efficiency.

Claro Ecuador stands at the forefront of large-scale commercial application of the Light ODN solution in the international market. The company has deployed an FTTH network consisting of 200,000 lines, expanding its coverage to key regions in Ecuador.

Looking ahead, ZTE and Claro Ecuador plan to deepen their collaborative efforts, exploring the extensive applications of the Light ODN solution in lightweight deployment and visual management. Their shared goal is to further enhance network deployment efficiency and visual network management capabilities, ushering in a new era of connectivity and service delivery for users in Ecuador and beyond.