ZTE and SWAN Mobile conduct 5G video call in Slovakia

Telecom equipment maker ZTE and SWAN Mobile have jointly conducted 5G video call in Slovakia.
ZTE US challengeSWAN Mobile and ZTE showcased a variety of industry applications on a 5G network based on 3GPP R15, using ZTE’s 5G end-to-end solution which consists of wireless access and core network technologies, as well as 5G mobile phones.

ZTE and SWAN Mobile signed the 5G commercial contract on May 31, 2019.

SWAN Mobile CTO Patrik Kollaroci used ZTE’s AXON 10 Pro 5G smartphone to conduct the first 5G video call in the country.

SWAN Mobile engineers conducted live demos of 5G peak rates, eight-channel HD video streaming, VR video and drone services.

SWAN Mobile achieved the up to 1Gbps speed on the 5G network. Customers could upload HD videos over 5G networks in real-time by a 360-degree camera drone and download by VR glasses.

“With the issuing of 5G licenses, the 5G era has arrived in Slovakia. We hope to cooperate with ZTE to provide 5G applications and services to Slovakian users as soon as possible,” said Roman Vavrik, CEO of SWAN Mobile.

ZTE is already the exclusive LTE network supplier to SWAN Mobile. ZTE is constructing core CS/PS, and a GSM/LTE mobile communications and VAS network, involving over 1,100 dual-mode GSM/LTE base stations to SWAN.

SWAN received the fourth wireless operator license in Slovakia in January 2014, and plans to build more than 1,100 GSM and LTE base stations within three years.

ZTE has won 25 5G commercial contracts all over the world, covering China, Europe, Asia-Pacific, MAE and other major 5G markets, and has cooperated with more than 60 operators around the world.