ZTE and True build Thailand’s first FTTR community

 ZTE  and TrueZTE Corporation and True Corporation have joined forces to pioneer an all-optical Wi-Fi solution for Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, making it Thailand’s first Fiber To The Room (FTTR) community.

With approximately 14.27 million Fixed Broadband (FBB) users in Thailand, the collaboration responds to the growing demand for high-speed Internet. True Corporation, Thailand’s largest fixed-network and video operator, partnered with ZTE Corporation to address the outdated network infrastructure at Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, a high-end serviced-apartment-style community.

The existing Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) 100 Mbps bandwidth access solution was inadequate for the evolving Wi-Fi usage demands of guests. The partnership introduced True Online’s 2 Gbps bandwidth packages, coupled with ZTE’s FTTR solution, significantly enhancing Internet speed and reliability for guests.

Wi-Fi connectivity failures and poor coverage plagued Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, affecting the hotel’s premium image. True Corporation, recognizing Wi-Fi as a critical issue, collaborated with ZTE to replace the obsolete VDSL solution with True Online’s broadband access service and ZTE’s FTTR solution. This upgrade aimed to provide guests with fast and stable Internet service, ultimately improving their stay experience, the company said.

Before the Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket project, True Online had already begun deploying dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) and mesh Access Points (APs). The collaboration with ZTE involved large-scale deployment of FTTR devices, meticulously placed to ensure full Wi-Fi signal strength in every corner of the rooms.

The FTTR solution, with gigabit-plus bandwidth, full coverage, smart roaming, and multiple connections, transformed the hotel’s Internet experience. True Online’s 2 Gbps bandwidth packages, combined with ZTE’s FTTR solution, garnered praise from Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, with plans to deepen collaboration for further network enhancements.

As True Corporation aims to bring a dynamic digital life experience to the Thai people, the collaboration with ZTE in exploring new technologies and solutions is set to solidify its leadership in Thailand’s Fixed Broadband market. True Online’s FTTR service, with versatile applications, emerges as a new growth area for the operator, attracting significant industry attention.