ZTE announces IMS application for smartphone users in Europe and America

Telecom Lead Asia: Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE
announced its latest IMS application for smartphone users in Europe and

Announced at the IMS World Forum 2012 held in Madrid, the
application enables quick and efficient access to mobile VoIP.

After IMS deployments in Europe, ZTE experienced a
significant dramatic increase of 100,000 new users per month on average.

ZTE’s IMS application allows operators to offer a
converged service combining Internet applications and traditional telecom
services, enabling them to expand their subscriber scale and increase revenues.

The intelligent application enables subscribers to
download and install an IMS client onto a smartphone and use Mobile VoIP and
other multimedia services immediately whilst still receiving incoming calls and
SMS with their 2G/3G mobile numbers.

ZTE’s solution supports VoIP and SMS, and provides
more abundant services, including IP Centrex, VMS, VPABX, Home Zone, Video
Conference, Instance Messaging and Presence Services (IM/PS), File Transfer,
and Image Sharing.

“To identify immense pressure on operators from the
industry competition; ZTE is committed to offering differentiated services that
will build up their competitive advantages. This IMS application realizes the
combination of abundant services with easy use offering improved access to both
phone calls regardless of location and the significant savings on the expense
of making international and otherwise expensive calls,” said Xu Ziyang, vice
president of ZTE.

As of the end of 2011, ZTE had more than 140 commercial
and trial IMS deployments officially launched around the globe , with
scores of commercial networks deployed in such countries as Italy, Poland,
Spain, Turkey, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Philippine, Singapore, India, the USA and

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