ZTE CEO SHI LiRong letter to company employees on M-ICT strategy

ZTE president & CEO SHI LiRong sent a letter to company employees – ahead of its 30th anniversary in 2015 — emphasizing on M-ICT strategy.

TelecomLead.com is sharing the full text of the letter.

ZTE is about to celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2015. To survive and excel, business has to evolve with time and environment. Emerging trends, including mobile connectivity, IT and big data are prevalent and influential to societies around the world. This is the fast-changing reality we face today.

As we stand at this critical moment in revolutionary changes, ZTE, after thirty years in development, should contemplate on our future. Based on our insights in this world, we propose M-ICT strategy for the future. We need to change in mindset, or we will be eliminated. It’s the first step in our strategy.

In the past three decades, ICT industry has witnessed revolutionary changes. While information technology, communication technology and Internet are integrated, B2B and B2C communication has become closer and faster on an equal basis. Over the past 30 years, ZTE is always committed to enhance communication in human society, and continues to work towards this objective by expanding to M-ICT.

Under M-ICT strategy, ZTE follows three core guidelines: Cool, Green and Open.



ZTE changes with customers and reinvent ourselves into a cool company. We transform common challenges among customers into market breakthroughs. With ultimate product experiences and innovative business models, we attract more users tour ecosystem. ZTE will focus on breakthroughs and rebranding, so users feel cool with a sufficient reason.


Green not only represents energy efficiency or eco-friendly, but also dynamic and innovative business environment. ZTE is determined to cherish our environment, improve efficiency and reduce emission. We also advocate technology invention and create new customer values. ZTE establishes CGO (Cool, Green, Open) lab, for example, to pursue integrated innovation, micro innovation, infrastructure innovation and human-oriented experience innovation for a sustainable future.


ZTE will open up for a new industry ecosystem and organization capabilities. We respond to massive and complicated needs in Enterprise Networks e.g. smart cities, which even enable every citizen to be “super citizen”. We devote ourselves to core products. We expand experts, partners and customers base in our value chain. We transform open into an enabler to customer success.

On practical M-ICT business strategy, our solutions are deployed around emerging areas, and in response to current challenges among operators, enterprises, and consumers. In operator market, we aim to deliver multi-dimensional values, including payment model. In enterprises market, we aim to transform business operation in ourselves and companies around the world with our Super MOA. Our smart city applications will also transform daily lifestyle. In end-point market, technology alone is not enough. We need brand new marketing model and changes in business model for next-generation online marketing. We have to rebuild confidence in the industry to gain momentum.

In the future, ZTE will make consumers feel cool, develop green technology, and become more open in organization and mindset, in order to fully implement M-ICT strategy.

ZTE will demonstrate energy and enthusiasm in our practices. With M-ICT strategy, our next brand new thirty years start right now.

Baburajan K
[email protected]