ZTE demos software defined optical network solution

Telecom network vendor ZTE has demonstrated its software defined optical network (SDON) solution at the 2015 WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking Forum in Nice.

ZTE’s SDON solution introduces software defined networking (SDN) into optical transport networks (OTN) – allowing telecom operators to build open optical networks on the transport, control and application planes.

On the transport plane, the SDON solution adopts 100G and beyond-100G oriented programmable optical networking equipment with large crossing capacity, effective transportation performance and complete service types.

On the control plane, the SDON solution from ZTE takes centralized management and control of the transport capability and switching capability of the programmable optical network equipment at the transport plane.

On the application plane, ZTE said that the SDON solution provides service application cloud-oriented to the operators, tenants and partners to meet maintenance, operation and value-added service demands.
ZTE SDON solution
Utilizing ZTE’s SDON solution, bandwidth on demand (BOD) can be adopted for enterprise private service distribution; private services can be distributed in a complicated network environment. Virtual subnet multi-tenant service abstracts network resources and provides virtual subnet control to the tenants who can implement self-service.

Multi-layer and multi-domain network interconnection and cooperation can realize the centralized management of equipment from multiple vendors and service oriented end-to-end (E2E) connections, while network management and operation automation can be realized to improve operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency.

Application in multiple scenarios can solve the practical problems that operators are concerned with and help these operators to transform from traditional closed infrastructure providers to IT software providers.

ZTE’s SDON controller implemented cross-domain BOD service interconnection of major vendors in the industry in Europe, America, and China such as China Telecom, China Mobile, Telus Canada, Deutsche Telekom, and Verizon.

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