ZTE enables AIS to ensure 15% cut in power consumption

AIS, a leading mobile operator in Thailand, has revealed that the deployment of ZTE’s wireless products at the A-Z Center has ensured 15 percent reduction in power consumption.
AIS deployment of ZTE wireless productsAIS aims at building a green and intelligent telecommunication network with the help of telecom networking products from ZTE.

ZTE will be deploying the Super-N power amplification technology, reducing RRU power consumption. AIS will also deploy Radio products, including 4*160W RRU for 700MHz and 900MHz bands, 12TR RRU (1800MHz+2100MHz), and 480W 32TR AAU A9752 (1800MHz+2100MHz).

These products achieve ultra-high integration of RF modules, which cuts AIS’s Capex investments and conserves rooftop space, enhances deployment efficiency and reduces operational costs. According to live network data, the average power consumption has decreased by over 15 percent and user throughput increased by over 10 percent.

AIS will deploy built-in ICC board in base station to realize the integration of communication and computing. For the B2C field, it caters to low-latency and high-bandwidth computing needs of local XR service rendering and other applications.

For B2B and B2X fields, it offers flexible and agile deployment for applications such as industrial vision AI inspection, and intelligent collision prediction for the Internet of Vehicles, achieving lower overall costs.