ZTE launches LTE-A inter-band dual-carrier commercial base station

By Telecom Lead Team: ZTE Corporation has
unveiled its LTE-A Inter-band Dual-Carrier commercial base station at the
Mobile World Congress 2012. 

The new LTE-A commercial base station is
based on the company’s SDR hardware platform. It introduces inter-band carrier
aggregation and MIMO technologies. These technologies can double peak rate for
individual users, enabling high-speed downloads of up to 270Mbps in the
downlink and meeting growing data service demands.

ZTE also demonstrated the base station’s
inter-band carrier aggregation capabilities on two bands: 20M 2.6G and 20M

As frequency resources are becoming
increasingly valuable, carrier aggregation technology will help assist
operators with separate and discontinuous frequency resources because it can
aggregate multiple carriers and increase frequency utilization rate. This
technology also enables greater bandwidth, higher user throughput. In addition,
it can solve the problem of rapid throughput decrease in the cell edge.

ZTE’s LTE products are recognized as
industry leading by high-end operators in Europe, North America and Japan. As
of the end of 2011, ZTE had won 30 LTE commercial contracts across the globe,
including with CSL, H3G, Vodafone, Softbank, Zain and others. The company also
has deployed test networks in cooperation with more than 100 operators all
around the world, including in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and the
Middle East.

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