ZTE leads fixed broadband terminals market

Telecom Lead Asia: ZTE leads the worldwide market for fixed broadband terminals.

ZTE, according to a September report by Infonetics, had the highest share of both overall sales and shipments, at 10.3 percent and 15.8 percent respectively, among major fixed broadband terminals vendors for the past rolling 4 quarters.

The report shows that over the period from H2 2011 to H1 2012, the worldwide overall sales of fixed broadband terminals rose 11 percent y-o-y to $7.19 billion and the overall shipments increased 12 percent y-o-y to 175 million units.

“The rapid development of the Internet has gradually spread from enterprises and individuals to homes with technical innovations creating new demands and experiences for households,” said Zhu Yongxing, vice president of ZTE.

“ZTE works closely with operators to provide products adapted for home users, including end-to-end service platforms, management platforms, bearer networks and home terminals. The products enable abundant applications and carrier-class QoS assurances, while offering a great user experience and minimizing the total cost of ownership and energy consumption of the solutions that are based on them,” Yongxing added.

ZTE, over the years, has been customizing green, flexible and extensive home networking products to help customers provide users with quality services including IPTV, HD video and Internet.

In China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, in particular, ZTE holds a large market share.

By Q3 2012, ZTE’s Broadband CPE had entered over 80 countries and regions, with overall shipments surpassing 90 million units and shipments to main European operators jumping more than 100 percent y-o-y.

ZTE’s Broadband CPE has been deployed on a large scale in developed countries of Europe including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

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