ZTE leads NG PON equipment market in Q3 2011

Telecom Lead Team:
ZTE leads the next generation PON (NG PON) equipment market
with 100 percent share.


Chinese telecom equipment vendor was also the first telecommunications company
in the world to ship OLT & ONT/ONU equipment during the quarter.


Q311, ZTE reported the very first 10G-EPON equipment shipments in the world,
heraldingthe beginning of the era of next-generation PON. It is an important
milestone in the quest for higher bandwidth capacity,” said OVUM Analyst
Kamalini Ganguly in the firm’s Q311 FTTx quarterly market share update.


achievements in PON technology are a testament to ZTE’s R&D efforts over
the past several years. We are very proud of the fact that our NG PON solutions
have increased our momentum in the field,” said ZTE Vice President Xu Ming.


xPON optical access products have been widely implemented, reaching 93 million
lines and over 47 million broadband ports installed across the globe. At the
end of 2011, ZTE won an exclusive three-year grant from China’s 863 Program to
lead a group of institutions researching optical networks access and evolution


is also an industry leader in the NG PON2 field. The company was the first
vendor to launch a tunable laser-based WDM PON system in March 2009, and it
developed the telecoms industry’s first adjustable colorless transceiver ONU in
the direction of TWDM technology. The company also actively contributes to
creating optical access standards, and submitted the highest number of XG-PON
and NG-PON2 proposals to FSAN from 2008 to 2010.


ANTEL selects ZTE for Uruguay National GPON project

Recently, ZTE announced it has been selected by ANTEL to assist in providing
300,000 subscribers in Uruguay with a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON).
The tender is one of the largest ever issued in the South American market.


ANTEL is Uruguay’s largest fixed-line operator as well as
its biggest mobile carrier, with a 95.5 per cent share of the nation’s
broadband market as of June 2010. Under the contract, ZTE will help the
operator deliver broadband speeds of 100Mbps.


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