ZTE Pre5G FDD Massive MIMO solution achieves 2.6 Gbps speed

ZTE Telecom at MWC 2017ZTE announced that its demonstration of Pre5G FDD Massive MIMO solution connected eight 4G terminals simultaneously and achieved 2.6 Gbps peak data rate of single cell, improved by eight times.

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ZTE has conducted the pre-commercial field tests of Pre5G FDD Massive MIMO solution with China Unicom and field tests with China Telecom before releasing the world’s first FDD-LTE based Massive MIMO solution in December 2016.

ZTE has proposed a patented FDD Massive MIMO channel measurement and estimation algorithm, in order to achieve FDD macroscopic channel reciprocity and enhancing spectrum efficiency without changing 4G terminals. ZTE’s vector processing chip, MCS2.0, offers the strong signal computing and processing capability, to fulfil the FDD Massive MIMO’s complex algorithm.

“We have delivered core 5G technologies to 4G networks, in order to seamlessly herald the 5G era. Along with the commercial growth of FDD Massive MIMO, it will prove that we are capable of providing the most competitive Pre5G solution and maximising the benefits for our customers,” said Zhang Jianguo, SVP of ZTE.

By introducing Pre5G core technology-Massive MIMO to FDD system, the commercial use of Pre5G will be widely expanded in the coming future.

Telecom operators have deployed more than 40 ZTE Pre5G networks in 30 countries by the end of 2016. ZTE in 2017 will launch commercial deployments of FDD Massive MIMO to meet demands for higher spectrum efficiency and pave a new way to 5G evolution for the 4G operators.