ZTE Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 clocked 2.1Gbps single-site peak rate

ZTE Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0Telecom equipment and software maker ZTE Corporation announced its Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 product has reached 2.1Gbps setting a new single-site peak rate record at a demonstration at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017).

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The company claims that the power-on service of Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 product provides an ultra-high speed through16-stream spatial division multiplexing, 3 CA (carrier aggregation), and 256 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) manifesting a new stage of Pre5G R&D.

ZTE’s large-capacity outdoor Pre5G Massive MIMO macro base station achieves much higher speed and capacity than those in 4G networks by leveraging existing sites and spectrum resources.

ZTE launched Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 for high-end markets in September 2016 supporting more frequency bands and adapting to the mainstream TDD frequency bands.

Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0, which is suitable for 5G networks, provides support for multi-carrier aggregation (CA) to meet operators’ demands for large capacity. Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 is currently available in China and Japan. ZTE will launch Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0in the global market in 2017.