ZTE revenue grows 13% reflecting on 25 5G network deals

ZTE has reported operating revenue of RMB 44.61 billion (+13.1 percent) and net profit of RMB 1.47 billion for the six months ended 30 June 2019.
ZTE US challengeChina-based ZTE did not reveal the break-up among its three business divisions: telecom network, smartphone and enterprises.

ZTE’s research and development costs amounted to RMB 6.47 billion, accounting for 14.5 percent of the operating revenue compared to 12.8 percent for the same period last year.

The company has completed the design and production of the 7nm chipsets, and embarked on the R&D of the 5nm chipsets.

ZTE has tied up with universities in China to recruit over 5,000 people as part of boosting 5G innovation. ZTE had applied more than 74,000 patents with over 36,000 global patents granted and over 3,700 5G patents.

The company has signed 25 5G commercial contracts worldwide, covering China, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and other major 5G markets, in the first half of the year. ZTE has cooperated with more than 60 operators worldwide and been involved in the large-scale 5G network deployments in China.

ZTE said its Common Core realizes 2/3/4/5G/fixed access and integration while supporting both SA and NSA, saving 40 percent of the investment for the operators. The company’s self-developed AI Engine is capable of supporting 5G intelligence in all scenarios.

ZTE’s cumulative 4G base station shipments account for close to 20 percent global market shares. ZTE’s statement today did not reveal the number of 5G base stations it supplied to 5G operators globally.

ZTE has more than 450 NFV commercial cases and PoC cases worldwide.

ZTE’s 5G transport products have completed more than 30 commercial trials and existing network tests.

The total capacity of ZTE’s big video system has exceeded 100 million lines while ZTE’s 5G live TV solution is applied in many major sporting events in China.