ZTE revenue up 7% in 2017 fueled by carrier networks biz

ZTE 5G for mobileZTE has posted operating revenue of RMB 108.82 billion (+7.49 percent) and net profit of RMB 4.55 billion (+293 percent) in 2017 — bolstered by growth in the company’s carrier networks and consumer business units.

The company’s net cash flow from operating activities for 2017 was approximately RMB 6.78 billion (+28.88 percent).

Excluding the impact of penalty payments imposed by U.S government, ZTE’s net cash flow from operating activities was RMB 12.44 billion, representing an increase of approximately 136.58 percent over the previous year.

ZTE focused on the market of mainstream carriers and high-value customers, and persisted in a proactive yet prudent business strategy while exploring new opportunities for growth in 2017.

Ericsson and Nokia have reported drop in annual revenue in 2017 due to lack of investment in network by telecom operators.