ZTE Set to Unveil Latest Innovations at Mobile World Congress 2024

ZTE, a prominent player in the technology sector, is gearing up to unveil a slew of innovative products and solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona from February 26 to 29. These offerings are poised to revolutionize various segments with a focus on ultra-efficiency, sustainability, and intelligence.
ZTE innovations at MWC 2024In the wireless domain, ZTE will introduce UniSite, an Ultra-simplified radio site designed to simplify site deployment through a seven-frequency integration approach. Additionally, ZTE will showcase advancements in backhaul support with the debut of the 800GE/400GE deterministic router and the industry’s highest-capacity microwave IDU.

In wireline, ZTE will launch an ultra-efficient all-optical network aimed at achieving better gigabit coverage for homes, campuses, and rural areas. The introduction of the Tbit all-optical access platform and the unveiling of the 800G powerful and pluggable solution demonstrate ZTE’s commitment to driving high-speed connectivity.

In the computing power segment, ZTE will present computing infrastructure solution catering to the demands of general and intelligent computing. This includes high-performance distributed all-flash storage, lossless high-speed 400GE interconnection, and liquid-cooled modular data centers.

Furthermore, ZTE will highlight its endeavors in the green and low-carbon domain with a comprehensive end-to-end energy operation solution aimed at promoting universal low-carbon practices and enabling green energy supply.

ZTE will also leverage artificial intelligence to drive business development for telecom operators and achieve digital intelligence monetization across various markets. The introduction of the “uSmartNet – Truly Autonomous Network Solution” underscores ZTE’s commitment to advancing AI-driven solutions.

Moreover, ZTE will delve into expanding business opportunities for operators, including digital construction architecture for industrial campuses and the integration of 5G and PON technologies to enhance network capabilities.

In smart living, ZTE Mobile Devices will unveil its global brand vision “Better for All,” showcasing a range of products and services aimed at enriching the lives of consumers. Key highlights include the world’s first 5G+AI 3D tablet, nubia Pad 3D II, and a diverse lineup of smartphones tailored for photography, music, and gaming enthusiasts.