ZTE signs $281.5 million CDMA contract with China Telecom

Telecom Lead Asia: ZTE has won a CDMA contract valued at
$281.5 million from China Telecom.

During the project, ZTE will provide its innovative
Uni-Ran solution and relevant services in over 220 cities of 27 provinces
across China.

China Telecom has partnered with ZTE to strengthen
network coverage and improve network capacity. The Uni-Ran solution comprises a
series of products based on SDR technology. These products help operators
deploy multidimensional networks in an efficient and intelligent manner.

ZTE claims that it will gain a cumulative share of 43.5
per cent of China Telecom’s CDMA network, further cementing its position as the
No. 1 CDMA supplier in China.

We’re very pleased to join hands with China Telecom to
promote healthy development of the CDMA field. ZTE’s Uni-Ran solution will
enhance network services and compliment China Telecom’s operations, filling the
network evolution needs,” said Fan Xiaobing, vice president of ZTE.

According to IDC, ZTE remained the world’s No. 1 CDMA
supplier at the end of 2011 with 32.6 per cent worldwide market share. As of Q1
2012, ZTE’s CDMA products had been put into mass commercial use in more than
120 operators in over 70 countries around the world.

ZTE’s revenue increased 29 percent to $13.7 billion in

Its overseas operating revenue grew 30 percent to $7.4
billion during the period, accounting for 54.2 percent of overall operating

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