ZTE supports Jiangsu Telecom to deploy iCDN

ZTE is supporting Jiangsu Telecom to deploy its iCDN (integrated content delivery network) and optimize its video service CDN.

Jiangsu Telecom has tested this Internet-based transition, becoming the first operator in the world to commercially deploy an iCDN solution.

By deploying an iCDN, Jiangsu Telecom has accelerated its Internet services for more than 10 million users. The iCDN allows the operator to improve user experience and rapidly establish differential advantages.

ZTE iCDN solution can enhance the operator’s competitiveness and differential advantages after triple-play. The ZTE iCDN solution supports service acceleration for the six million existing video users and an additional 10 million Internet broadband users.

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The Jiangsu Telecom iCDN constructed by ZTE is currently the largest IPTV & OTT commercial project in the world.

The ZTE iCDN will assist telecom operators to provide capability leasing services for contracted CPs, including CDN bandwidth, traffic, concurrency, storage resources, and build intelligent pipelines to realise traffic operation.

The iCDN solution supports big data statistical analysis, network and data security assurance, and user, network, and service perception capabilities. It can support refined operation according to market requirements, provide individualised services, ensure user and customer satisfaction, and provide full operation services for operators.

ZTE has provided CDN systems to more than 60 commercial offices, providing cache acceleration services for more than 22 million users.

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