ZTE supports NetCologne for 1Gbps Internet speed on fiber network

ZTE announced that it supported NetCologne, Germany-based fiber network operator, to launch Gigabit network over G.fast@212MHz profile solution.
ZTE US challengeGermany-based fiber network operator will be able to offer internet connectivity with up to 1 Gigabit speed to more than 250,000 residential customers in Cologne city and associated regions.

NetCologne has its own four data centers and its service portfolio ranges from voice and data services to the distribution of TV services, for both residential and business users, as well as leading business ICT solutions.

“We started to offer high-speed data flat rate of 1Gbps in our commercial network to more than 250,000 residential customers,” said Timo von Lepel, managing director of NetColgne, in a statement.

ZTE provides advanced network equipment including G.fast distribution point units (DPUs) and terminals to NetCologne.

ZTE and NetCologne showcased the access rate of G.fast@212MHzprofile reaching more than 1.8Gbps (the download rate is over 1.6 Gbps and the upload rate is about 0.2 Gbps) on May 31, 2017 at AngaCom exhibition in Cologne.

ZTE’s G.fast solution was developed to enable NetCologne’s fibre-to-the-building (FttB) -access network to enter the Gigabit era.