ZTE to power Alibaba’s 100G transmission network

Telecom Lead Asia: Alibaba Group has selected ZTE to construct optical transport networks and support its e-commerce platforms.

Alibaba will utilize ZTE’s ZXONE 8700 100G OTN series for its 100G transmission network.

The e-commerce company says the first phase of the project will cover four MANs in Hangzhou, Tianjin and Beijing respectively. When the broadband network is completed, it will carry most of Alibaba’s data traffic.

Xu Ming, general manager of ZTE’s Bearer Network Product Division, said: “This agreement will help underpin the continued success and growth of Alibaba in the global e-commerce market, and recognizes the superior solutions of ZTE in 100G technology.”

The multi-million contract with Alibaba is the latest large-scale deployment of ZTE’s 100G products in the enterprise and government ICT solutions market.

Ovum recently said ZTE displaced Alcatel-Lucent to take second position in the global optical networking market in the first quarter of 2013, with leading positions in 100G and beyond-100G solutions.

The research agency says the 100G market saw strong growth, with 100G port shipments in Q1 2013 increasing by 41 percent and revenues increasing by 24 percent.

Ovum forecasts that the large-scale deployment of LTE will help drive the PTN market to reach an estimated $1.8 billion by 2013. ZTE ranks #1 in the global aggregation market based on its performance in PTN technology, which in recent years has been adopted by many mainstream operators across the world.

ZTE recently won the PTN tender to deliver China Mobile’s entire national backbone network. In addition, ZTE ranked #1 in China Mobile’s bid evaluation for new provincial trunk line. This is the first application of PTN in trunk line construction and is a very significant win for ZTE. It will provide ZTE with a lot of experience and open up lots of future market opportunities.

At present, ZTE’s 100G solutions are deployed in more than 30 commercial and trial networks globally. According to Frost & Sullivan, ZTE is a global top-5 provider of 100G optical networking systems.

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