ZTE to set up European regional NOC in Hungary for 10 million euros

Telecom Lead Europe: Chinese telecom equipment vendor ZTE will
set up European Regional Network Operation Centre (NOC) in Budapest, Hungary.

ZTE will invest up to 10 million euros in the next two to
three years.

The NOC will improve ZTE’s delivery capacity in Europe, offering
management services for European telecom operators.

The NOC is designed to provide management services including
a customer service center, a network monitoring center, a fault handing center,
a network performance optimization center, a spare parts management and repair

It has the capacity to expand up to 600 square meters. NOC
will host more than 100 workplaces and to manage up to 40,000 network elements.

It will enable the supervision and management of a range of
elements both in fixed and mobile networks. The new NOC will create new job
opportunities for more than 100 qualified engineers.

The initial operation will start in June 2012 and is
expected to employ around 40 local engineers in the NOC by the end of this

Hungarian Minister of Economics György Matolcsy and ZTE Senior
Vice President Zhu Jinyun have signed a co-operation agreement.

ZTE has been operating a subsidiary in Hungary for more
than six years. The NOC is a major new investment and an important milestone to
strengthen the company’s regional presence and to serve out European partners
at the highest level,” said Zhu Jinyun.

ZTE to supply power systems for Telenor base stations

Recently, ZTE signed a global frame agreement with Telenor
to supply ZTE power systems for the operator’s base stations. ZTE will
provide nine Telenor business units in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary,
Montenegro, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh with DC power systems
(rectifiers) through to the end of 2013.

As the largest mobile service provider in Northern Europe
with the fastest rate of subscriber growth in the world, Telenor Group began
the centralized procurement of power systems last year, to obtain the best
combination of price and performance for power solutions in different markets
from long-term suppliers.

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