ZTE UniCare CEM solution to improve telecoms’ net promoter scores

Mobile equipment vendor ZTE last week said UniCare CEM, a customer lifecycle experience management solution, aims to improve telecom operators’ net promoter scores (NPS).

ZTE says major telecom operators have introduced NPS as a core indicator for measuring customer loyalty, but improving the NPS is an additional challenge. ZTE UniCare CEM user lifecycle experience management solution evaluates the factors affecting the NPS and breaking down these factors for each lifecycle stage in order to improve NPS.

Customer experience management is a vital tool for better growth as traditional telecom services are becoming saturated.

ZTE utilizes big data effectively to ensure telecom operators are benefitting from its CEM solutions.


The Chinese telecom equipment maker said the UniCare CEM solution uses big data technology — n the purchasing stage of the customer lifecycle — to define users and subdivide user groups, and takes operators’ service development, terminal development and tariff policy databases into consideration to enable the improvement of product, tariff and terminal strategies.

There are multiple benefits. ZTE UniCare CEM provides a self-service channel with data interfaces for end users, reducing the number of times that customers need to get help from the operator’s customer center. It provides the customer center with data interfaces for customer center staff.

In addition, it provides the operation and maintenance center with professional services to help the operation and maintenance center to quickly identify and eliminate gaps between KPIs and the user experience.

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