ZTE Unveils Cloud Premium Video Platform (PVP) Solution at IBC 2023, Partnering with Turk Telekom

ZTE Corporation, a leader in information and communication technology solutions, introduced its next-generation Cloud Premium Video Platform (PVP) solution at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
ZTE at IBC 2023 eventThe Cloud PVP solution from ZTE, designed with cloud native architecture, has propelled Turk Telekom to provide one of the world’s most advanced and cutting-edge viewing experiences. This innovative solution is set to bolster Turk Telekom’s business evolution in the near future.

The ZTE Cloud PVP solution, known for its container deployment, offers flexible deployment options including physical machines, private clouds, and public clouds. This versatility extends to hybrid cloud deployment, optimizing resource utilization and significantly reducing hardware investment.

With a multi-instance design, the new architecture ensures no single point of failure and guarantees automatic disaster recovery, bolstering the system’s robustness. Additionally, the cloud-based platform supports online upgrades and elastic capacity scaling, enhancing system flexibility and scalability.

Leveraging the latest advancements in AI and big data technologies, ZTE’s Cloud PVP, developed in collaboration with Türk Telekom, empowers the telecommunications giant with highly personalized campaigns and notifications. This capability adeptly caters to the operator’s continuously growing service needs.

The new TV service by Turk Telekom offers seamless access through various terminals, such as IPTV STB, Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TV, mobile, tablets, and web, ensuring a smooth user experience across multiple devices.

This integration underscores the technical prowess and market value of ZTE’s Cloud PVP platform and sets the stage for further growth in the operator’s video services. The platform is poised to be a catalyst in promoting the expansion of Turk Telekom’s video services, exemplifying ZTE’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement in the industry.