ZTE Unveils Revolutionary 5G-A Initiative at Mobile World Congress 2024

At the Mobile World Congress 2024, ZTE Corporation has showcased advancements of 5G-A, aimed at unleashing the potential of 5G technology and generating immense value.

ZTE @ MWC 2024
Green Infrastructure: Pioneering Efficiency

ZTE introduces the revolutionary 5G-A initiative, setting new standards with its focus on environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

With the industry’s first constant PA efficiency radio platform, ZTE achieves unparalleled performance optimization, leading to a remarkable 25-30 percentage points increase in PA efficiency and a substantial 35 percent reduction in RRU power consumption compared to industry norms.

The deployment of hibernation technology across over 300,000 AAUs significantly slashes power consumption during idle periods, setting new benchmarks for energy conservation in telecommunications infrastructure.

Seamless 10Gbps+ Experiences for Consumers

Under the 5G-A banner, ZTE brings forth innovations geared towards enhancing consumer experiences. The Uni-Radio technology simplifies site configurations by integrating multiple bands into a single unit, reducing the number of required radios by a staggering tenfold.

Moreover, the introduction of the industry-unique 12TR RRU and tri-band FDD Massive MIMO technology not only amplifies throughput capabilities but also underscores ZTE’s commitment to energy-efficient solutions.

The tri-band FDD Massive MIMO supports all RATs from 2G to 5G and NB-IoT with an impressive 640W output power in only 115L, achieving up to 6 times throughput improvement. Additionally, AI beamforming enhances FDD Massive MIMO performance by 30 percent, while the industry-unique beam-level DSS optimizes spectrum utilization, achieving an additional 10 percent data rate gain.

Network-Cloud Integration for Business Excellence

ZTE’s 5G-A initiative extends its transformative potential to the realm of business operations. Through UniEngine, an all-in-one-box private 5G solution, enterprises can seamlessly integrate core production elements, facilitating swift deployment and enhanced service guarantees. The introduction of Indoor 5G-A CampSite further expands possibilities by enabling rapid network setup, thereby catalyzing new applications in broadcasting, entertainment, and beyond.

Boosting the New Economy with 5G-A B2X

In a bid to propel the new economy forward, ZTE leverages the power of 5G-A to drive innovation across various sectors. From cost-efficient V2X solutions for smart transportation to space-ground integration for universal connectivity, ZTE’s 5G-A NTN and ultra-reliable networks redefine the possibilities of communication infrastructure.

Ubiquitous Intelligence for High Efficiency

Embracing the ethos of ubiquitous intelligence, ZTE pioneers advancements such as 5G-A BBU, seamlessly integrating communication and computation capabilities. This convergence enables rich AI applications, empowering network intelligence and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, ZTE’s AIGC technology, showcased through uSmartNet during the Hangzhou Asian Games, exemplifies the transformative potential of AI-driven solutions in optimizing operations and enhancing user experiences. This accomplishment resulted in zero major issue and zero major customer complaints, improving operational efficiency by 15 percent and reducing workload by 30 percent.

Baburajan Kizhakedath