20th anniversary of GSM : 10 suggestions

GSM is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
Despite its achievement as a breakthrough technology for connecting the masses,
it can do better.

Can the GSM players become more aggressive to start
addressing the following issues in the next one year? Hope their industry
associations and our governments can be more active to chalk out strategies for
the following 10 suggestions.

1)    Solve interoperability and
standardization issues


2)    Fix timeframe for achieving
measurable green initiatives targets for all stakeholders


3)    Chalk out plans for meeting 100
percent geographical penetration for voice service in all countries


4)    Provide free voice service in
countries where mobile penetration is below 50 percent


5)    Ensure that at least 70 percent of
the world population in each nation is covered with mobile internet


6)    Substantially increase download
speed of mobile broadband


7)    Reward customers, if they are less
satisfied due to poor quality of service


8)    Punish operators and vendors who are
forming cartels and fixing prices


9)    Address the issues of individual
developers and players in the value added services segment


10) Our television and refrigerator has a long
shelf-life. Can we use a trouble-free mobile, tablet and PCs for at least 5

By Baburajan K
[email protected]