50% off on rivals! What Sprint does not offer you?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere
John Legere, the CEO of the third largest wireless operator T-Mobile US, says Sprint is hiding several key facts when it announced the 50 percent off on some of the packages of rivals.

Sprint says the offer is the first in the history of the SoftBank company and the entire telecom industry in the U.S. T-Mobile US says Sprint is not offering several things as compared with offers from T-Mobile.

# No unlimited music streaming
No video streaming
No Canada and Mexico included
No data rollover
No tethering
No Unlimited LTE plans
No promotional plans included
Plus a $36 activation fee per line
on America’s slowest LTE network

“When we woke up this morning, we thought Sprint would be doing something HUGE with all that buildup of LTE network. We really thought they’d be copying one of our Un-carrier ideas – not actually recycling one of their own ideas,” said John Legere.

“They don’t have a very good track record with their ideas. They average a new “plan” every month in the Marcelo era,” John Legere added.

Baburajan K
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