Acme Packet enables Altibox to extend VoIP Services

Acme Packet announced that Norwegian communications
service provider Altibox has deployed Acme Packet’s Net-Net 4500 Session Director
(SD) session border controllers (SBCs) as part of its re-designed residential
VoIP service.

The SBCs are deployed at access and interconnect borders,
and extend the reach of Altibox’s services by resolving signaling
inconsistencies that exist among the various endpoints used by Altibox

Altibox is a fiber-to-the-home provider who offers
multi-play services such as interactive TV, ultra-fast Internet and affordable
fixed and mobile telephony over a single fiber cable with bandwidths ranging from
25Mbps to 800Mbps (symmetrical).

Altibox features an advanced user portal available on the
web and on the television set. Altibox services are delivered to approximately
250,000 customers throughout Norway by over 36 partners. Altibox is part of the
Lyse Group, based in Stavanger, Norway.

“The interworking functions offered by the Net-Net
SD provide us with the flexibility needed to service the widest range of
subscribers. Acme Packet’s ability to handle residential, business and peering
traffic on the same platform also makes it the most scalable and cost effective
solution for our requirements,” said Leif Aarthun Ims, CEO for Altibox.

Altibox first deployed Acme Packet SBCs in 2004 to
support its VoIP peering and trunking services.

The new deployment, which utilizes high availability (HA)
pairs of Net-Net 4500 SBCs deployed in geographically-redundant points of
presence (POPs), is part of a project to update Altibox’s residential IP
telephony service to a new application platform based exclusively on session
initiation protocol (SIP).

To ensure that Altibox’s residential customers still
using H.323 can access the new SIP-based VoIP service, the Acme Packet SBC
interworks H.323 to SIP signaling at its access borders.

The SBC can also be leveraged by Altibox to support its
growing business trunking services and for videoconferencing, which Altibox
believes will become an important component in its service mix over time.

Additionally, Altibox selected Acme Packet for its
IPv6-IPv4 interworking functionality. Altibox is planning to offer all of its
services over IPv6 by the end of 2011.

“Altibox is focused on offering its subscribers a
high-quality portfolio of next-generation services. Their strategy of
delivering end-to-end IP services over a high-bandwidth fiber optic network has
them well-positioned to expand their services into new markets with a variety
of in-demand services,” said Dino Di Palma, senior vice president of
worldwide sales and business development, Acme Packet.

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