Afghan Wireless joins hands with Ariana Television Network

Afghan Wireless (AWCC), Afghanistan’s telecom operator,
and Ariana Television Network (ATN), one of Afghanistan’s largest television
stations, have joined to bring Afghanistan a popular game show called Who Wants
To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) along with “AWCC’s Millionaire SMS
Challenge” contributing to make a unique TV-telecom team.

The cooperative venture between AWCC & ATN is the first arrangement of
its kind.  Each WWTBAM episode contains a three-part “AWCC
Millionaire SMS Challenge” segment where a question is presented to

Anyone with a mobile phone can answer a nightly question
posed by the WWTBAM host by sending an SMS short-code and the first correct
response is declared that night’s “AWCC
Millionaire SMS Challenge Champion”

All SMS respondents answering correctly receive a
congratulatory SMS from AWCC with an invitation to become a member of the live
WWTBAM audience and to try and become Afghanistan’s “Next
Millionaire!”  Each night, an “AWCC Millionaire SMS
Champion” receives a $100 USD Gift Certificate and free AWCC phone.

“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and ‘AWCC’s
Millionaire SMS Challenge’ has captured the imagination of our customers and
the nation as a whole.  Linking AWCC’s mobile customers directly as
participants to a live, televised broadcast nightly game show brings incredible
capabilities to all of our customers through any handset.  AWCC can help
all Afghans to have fun competing to become a millionaire,” said Amin
Ramin, managing director of AWCC.

By Team
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