After associating with Airtel Africa, Samsung signs MTS to up mobile market share in Russia

Telecom Lead Europe: Smart phone major Samsung is
stepping up its partnerships with mobile service providers to enhance reach in
global telecom markets.

After announcing its partnership Bharti Airtel for Africa region, Samsung Electronics will team up with MTS, Russia’s top mobile phone operator.
The association is expected to improve its leadership in the Russian market. 

Samsung is following a cost effective model in Russia and Africa. The smart
phone company will utilize the network of MTS to increase its market share.
Samsung will open its own stores in Russia’s biggest cities and sell its
handsets and tablet computers on contract in MTS’s 2,000 shops. 

Samsung topped global smartphone sales rankings last year, more than
quadrupling smartphone sales to 97.4 million from 2010, according to data from
Strategy Analytics. In Russia, it has yet to overcome Finnish rival Nokia,
according to a media report. 

Samsung’s share of the Russian smartphone market almost tripled last year to
28.4 percent, mainly at the expense of Nokia, whose share decreased to 44
percent from 64 percent in 2010, according to MTS. 

Total sales of mobile handsets in Russia rose 16 percent in 2011 to 40.5
million units. Sales grew 12 percent to 174.8 billion roubles ($5.94 billion).

Samsung in pact with Airtel Africa

To further strengthen its position in the African market,
Airtel signed a two-year agreement with handset maker Samsung, under which the
telecom major will have exclusive distribution rights in 17 African countries
for select Samsung products.

This agreement gives Airtel exclusive distribution rights
for select Samsung products for the initial six months after they are launched.
The range of products that Samsung will collaborate with Airtel on include
smart phones, mass market handsets, tablets, dongles and routers. 

Samsung announces vision to deliver connectivity and content
across all of devices

Recently, Samsung introduced it 2012 product catalogue
and its vision to deliver connectivity and content across all of its devices at
the Samsung South West Asia Forum 2012 in Bangkok. The company has also
showcased its diverse array of new products.


The company unveils its Smart TV called the ES8000
LED TV that embeds a dual-core processor power, allowing users to multitask by
surfing the web while using or downloading multiple apps simultaneously.

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