After T-Mobile, Verizon may reduce 1,700 jobs

Telecom Lead America: Verizon Communications may to cut its workforce by 1,700 people, or almost 1
percent. Recently, T-Mobile announced its plans to cut 900 jobs.

The job reduction will be through a buyout offer for
technicians and call-center employees.

The planned job cut is part of Verizon’s vision to reduce
costs in its declining traditional telephone business.

Verizon could resort to involuntary layoffs if too few
employees accept the voluntary package.

Verizon has about 192,000 workers in total.

The mobile major has been in talks for months with unions
for labor contracts covering 45,000 employees, or about half its wireline
business workforce.

The company said that it made the offers because of a
workforce surplus in certain parts of its wireline business.

Germany’s T-Mobile to cut 900 US jobs

Germany’s T-Mobile, the fourth-largest wireless
telecommunications company in the United States, will cut 900 jobs as part of a
company-wide restructuring.

These changes resulted in a restructuring of key functions
and departments across the company including the elimination of some positions
and the outsourcing of others. Approximately 900 employees will be leaving
T-Mobile as a result of the restructure.

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