Aiming enterprises, BT adds new capabilities to BT Assure security portfolio

Telecom Lead Asia: Telecommunications major BT added new
capabilities to its BT Assure security portfolio.

Security is a major concern among enterprises. The
innovation is designed to assist organizations address security issues.

BT claims that these innovations focus on the risks posed
by the growing presence of personal devices on corporate networks, the large
scale deployment of cloud solutions and the challenges of big data, the large
amounts of unstructured data inherent in contemporary commerce.

Our customers face new opportunities to proactively lead
with security, placing security firmly in the heart of the boardroom. By
promoting intelligence and innovation through our BT Assure portfolio, we help
our customers to identify, implement and deliver security where it matters
most, building it into the heart of the organization rather than just bolting
it on,” said Jeff Kelly, CEO of BT Global Services.

The launch of the enhanced BT Assure security portfolio
is significant as traditional secure outer perimeter of enterprise networks no
longer exists and confirms that specific tools are required to measure,
understand and address this new security reality.

BYOD is progressing within the enterprise environment,
with 60 percent of employees using personal devices for work, with especially
high usage in countries such as China and India (92 percent and 80 percent),
according to the BT Rethink the Risk research.

The research said 82 percent of companies allow BYOD or
will do within the next 24 months. The adoption of BYOD brings to light new
security issues. Four out of ten companies have experienced security breaches
due to people bringing in unauthorized devices.

Of those companies that do have a BYOD policy, security
was by far the biggest challenge (74 per cent). Interestingly, the board and
senior management are the second largest group of people demanding BYOD, just
behind IT people and power users.

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