Airtel Africa Announces Appointment of Sunil Taldar as CEO

Airtel Africa today announced the appointment of Sunil Taldar as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.
Airtel Africa CEO Sunil TaldarSunil Taldar will succeed Olusegun Ogunsanya, who announced his retirement from Airtel Africa, with effect from 1 July, 2024.

Sunil Taldar joined Airtel Africa in October 2023 as Director – Transformation.

Olusegun Ogunsanya, who joined Airtel in 2012, ran the Nigeria Operations of the Telecommunications and mobile money company for nine years before his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the Group in 2021.

With local knowledge of the African landscape and deep distribution experience he led the company in maintaining double-digit revenue growth over many quarters and to deliver new, innovative products to its customers across the continent.

Airtel Africa is a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services, with a presence in 14 countries in Africa, primarily in East Africa and Central and West Africa.