Airtel awards 166 scholarships to children of retailers in Tamil Nadu

Airtel 3G
Telecom network operator Bharti Airtel today announced it awarded 166 scholarships to children of the company’s retailers in Tamil Nadu.

The scholarship amount is Rs 12,000 per student.

Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecom service provider, has selected 600 children of retailers across the country based on pre-defined conditions including the performance in the last academic year. The Navratna Little Stars Scholarship is a special scholarship program for the children of the retailers.

Bharti Airtel said 45 students from Chennai, 28 students from Pondicherry, 27 students from Vellore, 6 students from Coimbatore, 15 students from Trichy and 45 students from Madurai received the cash scholarship.

Airtel said the Navratna program aims to provide business enhancement support to retailers besides organizing bonding initiatives among them with celebrations on occasions like birthday, family events or others. Under the Navratna program, Airtel will offer prizes to retailers throughout the year based on their performance.

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