Airtel deploys Ribbon’s transport platform for DWDM network expansion

Indian telecom operator Bharti Airtel has selected Ribbon Communications to build its new high-speed transport network.
Airtel Africa Internet
This project is based on a disaggregated approach, a critical part of Airtel’s modernization strategy that enables the Indian telecom operator to offer cost optimized 5G mobile backhaul and high-speed enterprise business connectivity throughout Northwestern India.

The modern network architecture leverages Ribbon’s Apollo suite of programmable and open optical transport platforms, with support for a combined network capacity across C&L bands of up to 51.2T, positioning Airtel to effectively fulfill both current and future bandwidth needs.

The Long Haul solution will support the transport of 100GE/400GE IP services over 400G Optical channels. Finally, Ribbon’s Muse domain orchestration platform also delivers real-time network monitoring and management at the click of a mouse.

“Airtel continues to push the boundaries in digital service delivery and we’re proud to support their mission with our solutions and expertise,” said Sam Bucci, Chief Operating Officer, Ribbon. “This massive new network will have a tremendous impact as it delivers extensive capacity in one of the world’s most populous countries.”