Airtel Dominates Video Streaming, Jio Leads in Download Speeds, and 5G Availability in India: Opensignal

Opensignal, a leading mobile network analytics company, has released its latest Mobile Network Experience Report for India, revealing a continued fierce competition between Airtel and Jio in the Indian mobile network landscape.
Airtel, Jio, Vi mobile networkJio announced that it is on track to achieve nationwide 5G coverage by December this year, with plans for nearly one million 5G sites.

In about a year since their commercial 5G launches, Airtel and Jio achieved a significant milestone, each garnering over 50 million 5G subscriptions.

The Opensignal report highlights Airtel’s superiority in on-demand video streaming and gaming, while Reliance Jio maintains its dominance in download speeds and 5G availability.

Airtel Triumphs in On-Demand Video Streaming and Gaming

Airtel users are rejoicing as the network secured the top position for the best quality of experience while streaming on-demand and live videos over mobile networks, including 5G. Airtel’s performance in video streaming, both in 5G and overall, secured the network the top spot, outshining its closest competitor, Jio.

Airtel also took home the accolades for the overall live and on-demand video streaming experience, solidifying its lead in this category.

Additionally, Airtel users enjoyed the best quality of experience while playing multiplayer mobile games and using over-the-top (OTT) voice services on mobile voice apps with 5G. The network excelled in overall Games and Voice App Experience as well.

Jio Dominates in Download Speeds and 5G Availability

Reliance Jio, however, proved its mettle in the download speed category, boasting the fastest average overall download speed in India at 52.9Mbps, with an even more impressive 5G download speed of 306.3Mbps. Jio’s Download Speed Experience score significantly outpaced Airtel, securing its position as the download speed king.

In 5G availability, Jio demonstrated a commanding lead with a 33-percentage point advantage over its closest competitor, Airtel. Users on both networks have witnessed a notable increase in 5G Availability since the last report.

Jio’s Comprehensive Win in Network Consistency and Coverage

Jio further solidified its supremacy by clinching the Consistent Quality award, which evaluates the network’s ability to support various demanding tasks. Jio’s score of 60.9% outshone its competitors, including Airtel and Vi.

Jio maintained its dominance across the coverage awards, securing the Availability, 5G Availability, and Opensignal’s Coverage Experience award. The Availability award signifies the proportion of time users spend connected to mobile broadband services, with Jio leading by a slim 0.8 percentage points over Airtel. Jio’s dominance in 5G Availability was even more pronounced, with a 33-percentage point lead.

Airtel Shines in 5G Upload Speeds

In the 5G Upload Speed category, Airtel emerged as the victor, achieving a score of 25.1 Mbps, indicating a 1.2 Mbps increase from the previous report and a substantial lead over Jio. However, when it came to average overall upload speeds, Jio secured the Upload Speed Experience award, with a 5.8Mbps score.

The Opensignal report highlights the ongoing rivalry between Airtel and Jio in the Indian mobile network landscape, with each network showcasing distinct strengths and areas of expertise. As mobile network technology continues to evolve, this competition is expected to intensify, ultimately benefiting consumers with improved services and experiences.