Airtel reveals green achievements

Airtel India for mobileBharti Airtel has released India Sustainability Report 2017 revealing over 81 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per TB in network infrastructure over five years, 27 percent reduction in the last financial year and 28.7 percent reduction over 2015-16.

Airtel goes Green

Airtel, as part of its green initiative, aims to reduce carbon footprint by 70 percent by adding more base stations. Airtel already saved 1.3 million liters of diesel in network infrastructure cutting down on energy cost.

Bharti Airtel has doubled mobile network over the last two years, adding 180,000 sites and reaching 95 percent of India’s population.

“Being a responsible corporate citizen, we have implemented a host of sustainability initiatives across the organization and remain fully committed to building on this strong foundation,” said Airtel India CEO Gopal Vittal.

Airtel achieved 23 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per square feet in its facility and 9 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per rack in data centre operations against 2015-16.

Airtel has saved over 1280 million sheets of paper since FY 2011-12 on paperless billing initiatives.

Airtel, as part of its digital programs, has adopted Aadhar based instant verification process which eliminates paperwork. Airtel completed 32.7 million Aadhar based acquisitions last year.

It managed to recycle 2400 tons of e-waste and refurbished over 500,000 direct-to-home set top boxes.

The largest Indian telecom operator has saved over 1,200 tons of paper since FY 2011-12 with the paperless billing initiative. Airtel’s 170 million subscribers have opted for e-bills. Airtel saved 191 tons of paper across facilities.

Airtel will contribute INR 100,000 for every 0.01 percent increase in call drop rate beyond 1.5 percent / month against the TRAI prescribed limit of 2 percent. The amount will be contributed towards education of the under privileged.

Airtel noticed 74 percent increase in online interactions and answered 10 million social media queries last year.

Launched Airtel Payments Bank, the first payments bank in India enabled over 1,000 villages to go cashless across India, through enabling Airtel Payments Bank accounts with over 250,000 banking points and onboarding merchants who accept digital payments.