Airtel to tap Indian enterprises with 4G LTE services

Telecom Lead India: With the launch of 4G services by the
India’s leading service provider Airtel in Kolkata, several new horizons will
be pioneered for various segments across the verticals. Enterprise is the main
segment, which will be greatly benefitted from the roll out of 4G services, as
it will certainly provide new opportunities.

4G is synonymous to higher data speeds and that’s all
enterprises requires in order to complete their day to day proceedings. If
there’s one technology that most benefits from 4G speed, it’s mobile video.
Mobile video via 4G will enable enterprises to enrich current ways of doing
business. Enterprises can use mobile video to monitor field operations or push
tech support out to remote locations.

4G will drive innovative corporate operational models

The dawn of 4G will drive innovative corporate
operational models. For example, remote diagnostic capabilities will help some
businesses reduce operational downtime. Instead of bringing broken equipment
into the plant for repairs, enterprises can leverage mobile video to diagnose
the problem in the field and handle the repair on the spot, saving a
considerable amount of time and money in the process.

Moreover, machine-to-machine (M2M) connections will increase as 4G becomes
widely available, and this connectivity can enable proactive customer service.
 4G or LTE will also allow enterprises to spend less on the usage of per

In India, the advent of 4G is yet to be observed,
whereas, in the U.S, all leading carriers have already introduced their 4G
networks. Major telecom operators such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are
offering 4G services through its LTE technology to their customers.

In the U.S, these carriers have launched a slew of
4G-enabled smartphones and tablets. The growth of 4G networks is mainly driven
by the popularity of mobile devices such as 4G tablets, as well as consumer
demand for speed and coverage.

Furthermore, with the interest in Cloud computing
growing, enterprises are beginning to consolidate their IT requirements into a
single pool where they have the flexibility to scale up. 4G will help
enterprises to consolidate their IT requirements.

According to Aditya Kaul, practice director, Mobile
Networks at ABI Research, the roll out of 4G services will pave the way
for enterprise indoor services using LTE which complement Wi-Fi, especially
with new BYOD trend and the rise of tablets and smartphones in the office.

Danish Khan
[email protected]