Airtel’s Srini Gopalan to join Deutsche Telekom

Srini Gopalan to join Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom today announced the appointment of Srini Gopalan, a senior executive of Bharti Airtel, as the new board member for Europe.

In addition to Bharti Airtel, Srini Gopalan earlier worked with T-Mobile UK, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone UK.

Srini Gopalan, currently consumer director India at Bharti Airtel, will join Deutsche Telekom on 1 October to assume the duties of Claudia Nemat, who will head the new Technology and Innovation Board department and relinquish responsibility for the Europe segment from 1 January, 2017.

“We’re strengthening technology and IT with the new Board department on the one hand, while on the other hand we’re strengthening our expertise on marketing and sales with our new head of Europe who has extensive experience with consumers,” said Timotheus Hoettges, chief executive officer of Deutsche Telekom.

At Bharti Airtel, the #1 telecom operator in India, Srini Gopalan was responsible for consumer business in 23 different regions of India, which covered broadband connections and satellite TV in addition to mobile communications. His work focused on generating USPs through innovative offerings, which helped differentiate Airtel in a price sensitive telecom market.

Before joining Bharti Airtel, Srini Gopalan worked in the UK for over ten years. He also worked as chief marketing officer at T-Mobile UK, responsible for marketing and sales. He was part of the management team that led T-Mobile UK to the joint venture with Orange, everything-everywhere. After this, he served as director Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone UK for three years.

Srini Gopalan studied Business Administration at the St. Stephen’s College in New Delhi and later earned his MBA at IIM Ahmedabad.

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