Alcatel-Lucent provides analytics solution to New Zealand ISP Orcon

Telecom Lead Asia:  Orcon, an Internet service
provider in New Zealand, has selected the AppGlide Online Video Analytics
solution from Alcatel-Lucent.

With this new solution, the service provider will examine
the quality of streamed video offered by its content-delivery network (CDN)
customers, using the detailed insights provided to accommodate a better service
experience and increase consumer satisfaction.


The cross-correlation capabilities of Alcatel-Lucent’s
AppGlide Online Video Analytics solution offer us a unique, metrics-based view
into end-user quality of experience, viewer engagement and network performance.
Armed with these data, our CDN customers can make better decisions about all
aspects of online video delivery, and keep consumers happy,” said Charlie Boyd,
GM of Orcon Wholesale.


Alcatel-Lucent’s solution will provide Orcon and its CDN
customers with unprecedented visibility on aggregated video usage, creating
in-depth insight on how consumers watch online video and how much they watch.


The company said that these insights will help Orcon
fundamentally differentiate from its CDN competitors, by enabling its CDN
customers to deliver better-quality online video and create a more compelling
viewing experience.


Orcon not only uses our AppGlide solution to provide its
CDN customers with a better service, but also leverages our Velocix CDN
technology to securely and cost-effectively deliver the online video for its
CDN customers. The combination of these two assets enables Orcon to truly
outsmart competitive CDN offers – offering better-quality services at a reduced
cost,” said Andrew Miller, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent New Zealand.


Alcatel-Lucent to deploy 100G high-speed optical transmission
network for Telekom Srpske


Alcatel-Lucent and Telekom Srpske, a communications
service provider in Bosnia-Herzegovina deployed 100G high-speed optical
transmission network.


The deployment will help Telekom Srpske address the
increasing demand for higher-quality and cost-efficient broadband and video


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