America Movil subscribers grow thanks to Nextel acquisition

America Movil, which owns Telcel brand in Mexico and Claro in several South American and Latin American nations to connect customers, has achieved growth in mobile customer base.
Claro 4G networkThe total wireless subscriber base of America Movil increased 1.6 percent to 282.559 million from 278.027 million.

America Movil added 3.5 million subscribers from the acquisition of Nextel. Organically, it gained 1.4 million mobile post-paid subscribers in the first quarter, including 874,000 in Brazil and 215,000 in Mexico.

America Movil’s post-paid base increased 7.8 percent, while pre-paid base fell 2.6 percent during the first quarter.

The mobile phone subscriber base in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay rose 0.1 percent to 24.667 million from 24.634 million.

The increase in mobile customer addition was negligible in Austria and CEE reaching 21.306 million from 21.296 million.

Claro’s mobile subscriber base rose 7.7 percent to 58.671 million from 54.488 million in Brazil.

America Movil had 15.469 million subscribers in Central America as compared with 15.488 million.
America Movil mobile subscriber growth Q1 2020
The growth in mobile subscriber base in Caribbean was 1.1 percent to 6.312 million from 6.244 million.

Claro had 6.966 million in Chile vs 6.873 million, registering 1.4 percent growth.

Claro had 31.244 million in Colombia vs 31.104 million, registering 0.4 percent  growth

Claro’s mobile subscriber base dropped 0.3 percent to 8.465 million in Ecuador vs 8.493 million.

Telcel had 77.212 million mobile phone customers in Mexico as compared with 76.918 million, achieving 0.4 percent increase.

Claro had 11.543 million mobile phone customers in Peru as compared with 11.611 million, dropping 0.6 percent.

America Movil had 20.704 million in the United States as compared with 20.876 million.

America Movil’s revenues rose 1.8 percent to 250 billion pesos driven by 13.6 percent rise in mobile post-paid and 7.8 percent rise in fixed-broadband business.

Pre-paid service revenue rose 3.9 percent, with Mexico, Colombia and Dominicana seeing 13 percent increase. Mobile ARPU rose in most countries from the year-earlier quarter driven by data services.

America Movil connected 432 new broadband accesses including 107000 in Brazil and 105000 in Mexico. PayTV segment registered disconnections of 141000 in the quarter. Fixed voice lines came down by 213000.